Not your ordinary waffle

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The O.G.

The waffle that started it all! Our signature waffle dough rolled to perfection and smashed in our cast iron waffle press and cooked until golden brown. Topped with honey, cinnamon cream sauce, and powdered sugar.


Our revolutionary take on the classic Chocolate Chip Waffle. Our waffle dough cooked until golden brown and topped with cookie butter, mini chocolate chips, chocolate drizzle and powdered sugar.  

The Swirly Sin

Move over, Cinnabon! Our very first ‘Waffle of the Week’ starts with cinnamon swirl infused dough cooked until golden brown and topped with brown sugar, cream cheese icing, cinnamon sugar and a dusting of powdered sugar.

The Cereal Thriller

Our Cereal Thriller waffle is a tasty and colorful treat. We take our signature waffle dough and top it with a sweet vanilla cream sauce. We then finish it off with a sprinkle of crunchy Fruity Pebble cereal.



Attention all Nutella Lovers! We’ve put a nutty spin on the classic S’mores recipe. Our classic waffle dough smashed until golden brown. Topped with a marshmallow cream sauce, nutella drizzle, graham cracker crumbles, and powdered sugar.

THE Mint chip

Attention all Mint Lovers! We've taken our classic waffle and topped it with a fresh and creamy mint drizzle. We then finish it off with our homemade chocolate sauce and mini chocolate chips.   

Available September 13th - 19th


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Our Story

The Smash Brothers


Justin Cox

Waffle's Biggest Hero

Hunter Harrison

Waffle's Biggest Fanboi


We're just two dudes from NC on a quest to make the best waffle ever tasted. Our creations are inspired by our crazy personalities, childhood nostalgia, and good ol' fashioned 'scratch' cooking. 

We look forward to serving you.


The Smash Difference

What makes our waffles unique



Our signature waffle dough is made from scratch daily using a combination of locally sourced ingredients and authentic [imported] Belgian delicacies. With the perfect amount of flour, sugar, butter, eggs, milk, yeast, salt, and honey in each batch PLUS our special [secret] ingredient - our original recipe is guaranteed to be unlike anything you’ve ever tasted.  


It’s impossible to cook a great waffle without a great waffle iron. Each of our waffles are lovingly rolled into dough balls and then SMASHED in our traditional cast iron waffle press. We bake them until they’re golden brown to ensure a caramelized outer shell and a fluffy inside.








What People Are Saying About Us

Like Our Waffles?

These waffles are game changers. Smash is the only way to Waffle!
— Bob L.
Glory to the Waffle gods! Smash Waffles taste like they came straight from heaven.
— Madison S.
Seriously the best waffle I’ve ever had 🙌🏼
— Ashlee W.
Delicious! Could eat these all day! They melt in your mouth!
— Sarah D.